Lairs and Lizards

Story so far...

Xyla has found herself far from home

Xyla on her travels found her way to Sparrow's Point, a bustleing trading town. While walking through the crowded market place she became distracted by an elven bard, being somewhat of a local figure others were drawn to Palen's playing as well, unable to pull herself out of his performance she ran straight into the person in front of her.

Ghesh turned to see the woman who had just bumped into him. He had begun to lose hope that someone would agree to help him retreive his lost heirloom and his wounds too great to go after it himself. He asked Xyla for help and she agreed. Unable to turn down this young dragonborn and finding something about his coloring extremely familiar.

While searching for the "bandits" that stole the ring from the boy she found herself in Goldcrest. The town hidden away by magic. That is where she met the paladin Abel, who sent her and figher, Svent, out to help locate the children who had been taken from town. One of which was the paladin's own daughter, Daisy.

Svent and Xyla found themselves in a forest labyrinth. On their way to the center they fought a blink dog, who's typical playing kind demeanor was twisted by some evil magic and it attacked the adventurers. They used this magic to their advantage letting it lead them to the center of the maze. That is where they fought the leader of the green hag's and freed Daisy who was trapped in their homestead. The hag had the missing ring from Ghesh. Though, Xyla was unable to resist it's call and was willed to put the ring on her own finger. 

The three set out into the labyrinth once more, finding two more hags with the rest of the missing children. We ended our adventure after their defeat but our heroes must make it out of the maze and back to town with the remaining 3 children…


KabukiKid KabukiKid

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